Tuesday, April 15, 2014

15th May

Is been awhile haven't wrote anything on d blog....
15th May going to end soon...
Another day is coming....
I miss the pass with all the sweet and sour moments with family and friends.

I suddenly feel like playing bowling while thinking something....
Feeling can use bowling ball roll and knock down all the bowling pin...
that would make me feel thing can easily and simple to solve...
I have faith I can do it even it may take longer time to do it,
I always have friends and family around and support me ....
Smile and take a deep breath I tell myself :)

Good night and have a sweet dream to who that read this post ...
May the sweet dream bring good luck and happiness to tomorrow..

image from my first bowling game ... 
(fun and interesting) 
frm siew wen :)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

310713 Happy day :)

Long time did post anything on post ..
I'm so sorry ...
I being busy with my studies..
so today very happy and feel like posting at Blogger.

This video is done me and my group member.
We take a lot of effort and time to take all the scenery.
Today is our presentation on this video, and we go good comment on this video from our lecture.
Following by me feeling happy and feel like share with all who read this blog.

I hope you all enjoy watch it an d have a nice day.

regard from Siew Wen ...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Convo day

So nerves today...
Sorry i'll b upload later
Photo coming soon

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Little me in my own world

Little me in my own world
Is Saturday, me myself alone at hostel..
By the way i finally finish Diploma ..
Now i'm studying Advance Diploma..

A whole new beginning as an advance diploma student ..
With a new student id and a new roommate in hostel ..
Hmm i'm alone at hostel by myself in my room
My roommate went to Big Bang Concert and i'm at hostel now..

A bit bored  while watching some anime, doing some researching and writing some information in the  journal.

Hmm ...
Is already 6 weeks i being as an advance student there a lot of thing to learn
Is being a while i didn't write my blog
Hope to write my blog soon
So thank you for reading here =)
                                                                       From swphang
                                                                       hope you have a nice day too =)

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Is been awhile i didn't upload in blog again ...
Moon cake festival is coming ...
Wish to have a  moon cake festival slight different a usual that i had ....

Since i'm has a empty idea to write the blog ...
so i wish everyone that read this blog a Happy moon cake festival ..

Saturday, August 18, 2012

180812 =)

Story of the day's

Tiny little me, running all over the place with different emotions,
Looking for things that I can be treasure for, 
Things that I wanted the most,
Things that I need the most,
Hopping to find back things that was loss,
Wanted to gain back more and more,
Looking at the sky with cloud and hoping to see the rainbow,
Wander that how beautiful is the life is and for more.

That the nature of a human, including me here =)
I had most of it, with the love one i had in my heart here..
The one that cares for me,
The one that always make me smile and laugh,
The one that keep me safe and warm,
The one that take care me when i'm sick,
The one that knows me the most,
At last the one and only one that makes me happy the most time ever.

girl favourite always the ice- cream  :)